"A Circle of Hope offers “Hope for Tomorrow” and is one of the leading organizations in Nature-based and Animal-Assisted therapeutic interventions in Ontario".

At A Circle of Hope, we assist people in achieving their fullest potential (physically, psychologically, emotionally  and spiritually) through healing connections with animals and the natural world.

Our holistic practice is located minutes north of London, Ontario, Canada on a beautifully treed and trailed ranch.  Our diverse approach to wellness offers a wide variety of traditional and unique programs to help individuals of all ages experience joy through personal growth and balance.

A Circle of Hope has been especially effective in assisting people who have a diverse range of challenge,  multiple diagnosis and individuals with special needs for whom traditional services have not been effective. To date, we have successfully assisted with behavioural concerns, mental health diagnosis, addictions, past trauma issues, emotional issues, brain injury, dual or multiple diagnoses, developmental delays, physical impairments, youth at-risk and much more.

Our programs are designed for each individual. Therapeutic interventions are chosen based on specific needs and goals. Interventions may include activities through bodywork, talk, play, art, drama, animal assisted and nature based therapies. Our speciality is equine (horses) and canine (dog) facilitated counselling where the animal becomes an integral part of the treatment process for individuals. We offer individual, family and group counselling assessments, therapeutic interventions and specialized programming such as retreats, workshops and our mobile animal program.

Our programs involve registered Psychologists, Social Workers, Teachers, Psychiatric Registered Nurse, Child and Youth Counsellors, Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, and Behaviour Management Specialists who consistently involve the participants Family Members, School Personnel and Community Agencies in all aspects of programming and treatment planning when requested and/or necessary.  By fully involving all support systems, success is ensured.

Our preventative programs for at-risk youth attempts to break the cycle of risk by involving them with animals at a young age and thus becomes an effective form of prevention. A Circle of Hope is a pioneer in Ontario offering a research proven, mental health prevention and treatment, canine-assisted curriculum specially designed for school aged children/youth - an initiative of the Pet Savers Foundation, the program development arm of North Shore Animal League American developed in collaboration with Yale University School of the 21st Century, with gracious support from the Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) Foundation.  Both youth and homeless dogs benefit!

A Circle of Hope's completely natural setting, range of loving and skilled professionals, and a myriad of animals and birds, provide excellent motivation for people to engage in a rewarding and effective experience.

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The power of nature and the human-animal bond is unprecedented and research proven.  It is this aspect of our services that set us aside from any traditional models of care.


As a Child and Youth worker often dealing with children under the foster care systems, I have seen kids go down the wrong path leading to a life behind bars. Then I found A Circle of Hope. Diane Kelly genuinely cares about these kids that society often forgets, often going above and beyond including delivery of culturally sensitive programs for First Nations youth. Despite race, age and situation, so many kids fall through cracks in service delivery, and pay the price with their lives. I have seen the techniques through nature based and animal assisted interactions reach kids and change lives in ways that other programs/therapies haven't. A Circle of Hope needs to be supported in every manner as I have seen progression with kids like I've never seen before. I have witnessed how A Circle of Hope has been the ONLY way that has pulled kids out of darkness and given them a future filled with hope. R.R.

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